Being in lockdown is cool, right? I’m not going mad or anything, nope.

It's Only Just Begun

I’ve been in self-isolation for a week now and I suspect we will be here for a lot longer yet. The UK government is currently saying three weeks before we get a review.

However, as my parents pointed out, all the loans, business grants, benefits and support the government is offering are to cover a twelve-week working period.

Which would suggest we’re likely to be on lockdown for up to twelve weeks. Three months of quarantine to help flatten the curve.

I hadn’t even considered that.

I was setting my expectations to two weeks more weeks so I could then visit people and yet the likelihood of that happening is fairly slim.

Starting To Worry

I’ll be honest, I am nervous about all of this. I am nervous about people getting ill, businesses failing, and the general infrastructure of systems we’ve all come to rely on just falling apart around us. But, I appreciate it’s vital to keep the most vulnerable safe.

Protecting those who are most in need of help is a much higher priority than me feeling a little down about the fact I can’t go to a pub for a drink with my friends.

These unprecedented times are shocking for all of us, you’ve had your life flipped upside down and in many places around the world this is only just getting started.

It took China something like 14 weeks to get things under control again, so the knock-on effect for the rest of the world will take a very long time. Potentially even the rest of this year for this virus to sweep the globe.

Looking On The Bright Side

I don’t want to be all doom and gloom though today because I recognise there is a lot of benefits to being at home and having access to the internet. Imagine if this 50/60 years ago, you’d have some daytime tv, books and that would be it. You’d be bored or at least sick of reading.

I am very grateful we can write, communicate, watch, share and do anything we want on the internet right now. It’s an opportunity for growth whilst protecting those at risk.

Maintaining Focus

So, what am I doing to try to stay sane?

I’m doing my best to maintain an exercise routine. It’s not as good as going to the gym, but I am lifting weights three times a week and doing cardio (cycling) on the remaining days. Lifting with some old rusty weight plates I found in the garage and random objects like paint cans.

I’ve also been putting in a tonne of bodyweight exercises and found this routine to be the best baseline for it. You can also check out Arnie’s home workout routine here.

Whilst my life is continuing largely as normal, the main thing I am missing is the socialising. Everything has become a long-distance relationship, not just with my girlfriend but with my friends as well. Although we have the tools to connect it doesn’t quite feel the same.

Try Something New

So, in complete contrast to how I normally act, I’ve joined multiple group chats on Instagram with people from around the world. Not usually my kind of thing, group chats get messy, but I thought it would be time to try something new.

To engage and meet with new people.

And now because of that, I’ve been able to have really fun calls with old and new friends. There is a lot of benefit to just having a beer or two on zoom with your friends. It’s not quite the same but it’s good enough for now.

Keeping focused has been one of the hardest ones for me when the world is shut down, I should just be able to relax right?


If you get into that mindset you’ll just fall apart inside and never get back on the horse. To keep things going smoothly I’ve been getting up at my usual time and trying to write every single day (more on that later this week).

Then finally, I’d recommend you all go and check out Quarantine Book Club. I recently join a call with Aaron Draplin and the rest of the events they have coming up are awesome. I’ll be in the Austin Kleon (Steal Like An Artist, Keep Going, etc) one in a couple of days as well.

Seeking Out The Good

Right now you could drown yourself in news, badly sourced information and hysteria or soak up all of the amazing social and learning opportunities that are on offer.

And yes, some days will be worse than others but, there is always tomorrow.

There will always be a new day and incredible new activities or people for you to get involved with. Just look a little further than your home base.