I had a call with a client this week to present some logo design concepts. The presentation went really well, so don’t get your hopes up for a horror story! But, I wanted to share an experience I had during it.

Let’s set the scene.

Putting in the work

You’ve spent weeks working on a project, it’s your baby, and now it’s time to present. Scrambling a few days before to make sure its perfect makes your days stressful, but you know it’ll all be worth it.

The day finally rolls around and your client is ready for you to start. You’re a bundle of nervous energy but excited to finally hear what they think of your work. After all, you’re trying to present design solutions that could impact their business forever.

It’s a big deal.

Battling the nerves

I was on the verge of opening the presentation when a strange rushing sensation took over my entire body. The nerves and anxieties I had all came racing to the surface at once. It felt like my body was pulsing with electricity, a rush I can’t describe any other way.

My whole body was focused, tense and ready to zoom off like a toy car.

I began to lose my words, making awkward jokes and then boom. Everything fell into place, my wheels hit the road and we were off.

Charging down the concepts, pulling in ideas, reasons and references that made the presentation come to life. I was the storyteller, building a world for my client.

Are they really butterflies?

Maybe you’ve also felt the rush, this bundle of nerves and excitement. You might even call it butterflies in your stomach but, for me, it’s something more sinister. It’s like walking over a crumbling bridge with a ravine beneath you.

One wrong step and you’ll fall to your death but, the paradise on the other side is too tempting to ignore.

This presentation thrill is one of the reasons I absolutely love my job. I can spend weeks on end hunkered down only to emerge like a bear from hibernation ready to hunt. We work and work and work for the payoff moment. The “wow” or “I’m speechless” when you finish presenting and it leaves your client stunned.

It’s addicting, to say the least.

Coming down hard

Then when it’s all over and you’ve finished the call, you crash. Coming down from the adrenaline high of nerves, knowing you’ve pulled it off. Even in a nervous tense state you’ve done it. You’ve wrestled the bear and won.

And tomorrow when you wake up, even though it was hard, you’ll want to do it all again. The thrill of creativity and presentation is just too good.

After my presentation I had to leave my desk and sit in another room for an hour because the energy in there was just too overwhelming for me to handle. I’m no chakra astrology wizard, but after a call like that, the air was so thick with adrenaline you could grab it.

Take your client on a journey

Fortunately, you can have that sensation time and time again. Every client is unique and needs you to be their guide on a brand new path.

We’re not city tour guides who do the same route 6 times a day, what we do is different. We’re making new stories and connections in every presentation, crafting legends on every call.

So next time you’re on a call and feel nervous, embrace this rush. Don’t see yourself as nervous, accept it and turn it into excitement. Take a deep breath and run with it.

When your mind is that focused you never know what amazing connections you’ll be able to make with it.