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Dain Walker DW letter logo design in black on yellow by connor fowler

Dain Walker

At the end of 2019, Dain was broke, in debt and busy as hell. Working a job he hated and struggling to get by. But, fast forward six months and he's now leading a growing talented team and running a six-figure agency through consistency and content.

Skyrocketing to a level he never anticipated and developing a business that has completely changed his life forever. Now was the time to upgrade his brand to continue capturing attention from and helping business owners around the world.

DW Logo design sketchbook for Dain Walker by connor fowler

The Challenge:

Dain had big plans. Launching courses, websites, books, guides and products for his audience of over 70,000 followers. However, the idea of building his own visual identity seemed to bring everything to a halt.

He was considering creating the logo himself before contacting me as he found it difficult to trust anyone to do a good job with it. I was approached to help Dain capture his aesthetic and energy into a new logo design which could represent him on and offline wherever he went.

dw logo design concepts for Dain Walker by Connor Fowler cfowlerdesign
Pantone colour palette for Dain Walker personal brand by Connor Fowler cfowlerdesign
DW letter Logo design and favicon icon for Dain Walker by Connor Fowler cfowlerdesign

The Outcome:

After discussions about his future goals and research, we decided to move forward with a DW letter logo design. Keeping the design aligned to Dain personality and aesthetic he'd created over the last six months of content creation and business.

Striking and trustworthy traits coming through in a minimalistic symbol which will be effective and recognisable across every future application. From eBook footnotes to keynote presentations.

I also helped Dain refine his typography, colour palette and messaging for the creative direction of his personal brand. Building on the visual identity he set out with and updating it to allow for more flexibility as his business continues to grow.

Dain Walker yellow business card design with dw letter logo by connor fowler cfowlerdesign
man in black t-shirt with dw Dain Walker logo design printed in yellow by connor fowler cfowlerdesign
Dain Walker dw letter logo design printed in yellow on black t-shirt logotype branding by connor fowler cfowlerdesign
large conference presentation screen with Dain Walker dw letter logo and wordmark branding by connor fowler cfowlerdesign
snapback hat embroidered with DW letter logo design for Dain Walker by Connor Fowler cfowlerdesign visual identity
instagram posts from Dain Walker using DW letter logo design by connor fowler cfowlerdesign visual identity


“Working with Connor was a phenomenal experience. He was thorough in his approach and invested all his energy into getting the perfect result for my business.

Before contacting him I was considering designing the logo myself as I found it difficult to trust anyone to do a good job with a high budget. However, not only did Connor create an awesome logo design, he then went further, helping me to refine my colour palette and messaging so my brand communications could be more effective in the future too.

The final logo looks great and will work well across all the applications I need it to. Everything from my website to social content, course materials and merchandise.

His work has enabled me to be more confident with showcasing and packaging my brand and massively increased the strength of my personal branding.

I would recommend Connor's services to anyone who wants to take their branding to the next level. I feel the value I received was far higher than what I paid for. He listened to everything I felt my logo should embody and created a design much greater than I ever expected.”

Dain Walker - CEO and Founder of Victory Front Media

dw letter logo design concept in yellow on black for Dain Walker by Connor Fowler cfowlerdesign visual identity

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