Unmistakable brand design and strategy for creators.

"The only person I would hire for brand design."

- Chris Williamson, Modern Wisdom


Previous clients include:

  • Chris Williamson
  • Jordan B. Peterson
  • Shiny Object Social Club
  • Well Told
  • Maine Golf
  • Dain Walker



"Hiring Connor helped us get incredibly clear and precise with our brand. If more designers were like him we would have a significantly more beautiful world."

- Chris Williamson, Modern Wisdom

"Asking a 100+ year old business, steeped in tradition, to change it’s name and logo is a herculean task. But, with Connor’s thorough and thoughtful process we reached the change we needed. Even when we waivered, his commitment to assisting us was truly remarkable."

- Brian Bickford, Maine Golf


"Collaborating together was excellent and it felt like we had an extension to our team rather than an external firm. We are thrilled with the outcome."

- Brian Johnson, Well Told


"Connor's work has enabled me to be more confident with my brand and massively increased the strength of my personal branding."

- Dain Walker, Rivyl


I thrive with skin in the game, deep in the trenches with my clients. Solving foundational problems and penthouse level strategy.

No stone is left unturned in pursuit of brand excellence.

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