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  • An expert designer who specialises in personal brands?
  • An identity designer who deeply understands the world of content creation and social media?
  • A designer who can effectively work with you directly or a large team to develop a bespoke brand system?
  • A proven, professional design process from someone who delivers successful identities to both individual creators and international personal brands?

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Connor Fowler, Brand Identity Designer


You’re second-guessing every brand decision.

From your voice to new marketing efforts, you have no idea where to take your personal brand next.

Your audience doesn’t understand you.

Loyal fans are losing interest are because they're confused about what you do and how you can help them.

Your brand identity is working against you.

Inconsistent visuals are making it impossible for you to build brand recognition in a noisy marketplace.

Nebulous ideas to concrete direction.

Through a series of collaborative work sessions we uncover your brand's true voice and solidify your strategy. So, you can stop second guessing yourself.


Build recognition with consistency.

Your brand is built through repeated exposure. If your visuals lack consistency, you will consistently leave brand equity on the table.


Crystal clear communication.

I help you articulate the value of your expertise, increasing conversion rates and spurring organic growth. Making sure, you're never misunderstood.


"Connor opened my eyes to the fundamental misalignment in our communication."

- Navil N. CEO @ Puthir

How I can help you.


Brand Discovery

Through a short series of workshops we capture your brand's voice, look and feel. Creating a concrete foundation that truly reflects your goals and the essence of your brand.


Brand Identity

Harnessing your new strategy, we design a compelling brand identity that builds trust with your prospects through consistent visuals. Including logos, colour palettes and social templates.


Guides & Systems

We then turn your new identity into a brand styleguide that defines precisely how you want to be represented. Allowing you to spend less time worrying about visuals and more time building.

Ready to get started?

Let's elevate your brand.

From confused to crystal clear.

From scattered to aligned.

From contradictory to consistent.

From misunderstood to unmissable.

Get brand clarity.

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Collaborating together was excellent and it felt like we had an extension to our team rather than an external firm. We are thrilled with the outcome.

Brian Johnson, Founder
Well Told

Dain Walker yellow business card design with dw letter logo by connor fowler cfowlerdesign


Connor's work has enabled me to be more confident with my brand and massively increased the strength of my personal branding.

Dain Walker, CEO & Entrepreneur
Victory Front



Connor understands the contextual value of branding and creates assets that provide not only a visual identity, but an authentic and aspirational corporate vocabulary.

Andrew Burmon, CEO
Paperwork Studios


Hi, I'm Connor.

I've been building brands since I was a teenager managing my own band. But now, I help entrepreneurs and brands build their own audience of loyal customers. Using strategy to design compelling brand identities that fuel your brand's success.

Ready to get started?


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